Posted by: kandersen | November 8, 2008

The End Of Talk Radio? You Bet!

A little known bit of news called the “fairness doctrine” is something that legislation has tried to place into effect which will make certain talk radio shows illegal. Well illegal in their current format.

Video about some talking points on “Fairness Doctrine”

Popular radio talk shows, like Hannity, Rush, Michael Regan, etc. Are popular because of their conservative views. While these names are well recognized and have been playing for years on the talk radio circuit, other radio shows which portray a liberal view have bombed out horribly.  I don’t know if this fact is caused by the potential listener audience doesn’t listen to radio or, could it be that liberal radio talk shows are based in emotional views which have no reality bearing to how the real world works.  Regardless of what the reasoning is for liberal based radio shows failure it seems that its now up to FCC and government to make the programming changes to require these talk shows to provide equal time  to liberal pundits.

There are so many things wrong with this, lets start with freedom of speech granted with the constitution? how about freedom of the press? How about that it wont stop there. Once the powers that be have their way with talk radio it WILL only be a matter of time before there is thought control placed on “pundits” like me will not be able to spew our own flavor and twist on life.

FCC on Fairness doctrine spilling over to the web

While we have to spoon feed liberal crap to every man woman and child until your thinking is correct. This is of course exactly what was in the movie 1984, Which being a bit esoteric is amazingly close to what we are having today with laws that make GPS mandatory in every cellphone, oh yes for your safety of course. Not that your movements are not being tracked.  Its only a matter of time before were Tagged like dogs with RFID chips under the skin so we can be further tracked, This too for your safety.

George Orwell 1984

Think it cant happen in America, Think again. At the stroke of a pen President Obama can make the FCC enact a report and order to the effect that the fairness doctrine be put into place without congress even having a deciding vote. It would then be required for the supreme court to legislate from the bench and decide if it should stay or not. At the very best it could be two years before there would be any changes and the end result would be that talk radio as we know it would be destroyed and thought control on the way.

Things could get a bit wierd.

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