Posted by: kandersen | February 25, 2009

The Joys Of Wind Power

I recently purchased a Air-X 400 Watt Wind Generator. Aside from the benefit of some free electricity from the wind, owning your very own power plant is a self gratifying event which gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside. It might just be my mechanical mind which has the fascination with the wind generator or maybe something else. Regardless of the reason seeing and hearing the wind generator making me free power is quite satisfying.

The price of admission for a wind generator of your very own is quite minimal or quite expensive depending on how much power you want to generate. The model Air-X 400, is actually quite small but so was my budget and will charge a few deep cycle batteries without a problem as long as there is a decent wind blowing. Sure it wont run everything I own but with a good inverter I can run quite a few of my household goods for as long as the batteries hold out.

I have noticed that now I catch myself paying extra attention to the NOAA weather forecasts to see how much wind I should expect. It has been a bit of an obsession to imagine how much free clean energy my generator is making while Im not looking at it. Obsessive? possibly but until you get your very own off grid power system like this either wind or solar I dont think you will fully understand the unusual line of thought that goes along with it.

Now all I need to do is get a few solar panels to help charge my batteries when the wind is not blowing and I will have a perfect setup.
Get Your Own Wind Generator

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