Posted by: kandersen | April 7, 2009

Hawaii Superferry. Enviromentalists 1, Economic Growth 0

Been following the Hawaiian super ferry question for a few years now and have to say that I am really disappointed to see that the super ferry has packed up bags and left the island headed for the lower 48 in search of work. The Hawaiian supreme court in a 5-0 decision decided that the ferries operation without an complete environmental impact statement. An allowance which was considered unconstitutional because the state legislature had specifically made a law provision which allowed the ferry to operate without one. Confused? Well unless you have been following the story it certainly should be. At any rate the super ferry is leaving.

I love the Hawaiian islands but it seems that eco terrorists have taken over there. Here is the general thought about the damage the ferry would to the “delicate” ecosystems of each island. Certain islands harbor certain invasive species to each island. For instance the mongoose (more info) is one which is of high concern for the residents of Kauai. Which feel that the moment the ferry would dock thousands of these little critters would come swarming off the ferry like Noah’s ark after landing. I am paraphrasing this a lot because you can find websites which seem to use fear mongering to persuade the public opinion.

Not only the invasive species aspect but, everything but the kitchen sink from the eco nut jobs. Global warming, save the whales, too expensive, rush hour traffic, drug smugglers, ferry crime sprees, you name it.

Never once did these guys think, Any of these things could happen already with the current forms of transportation now, Insects and frog eggs can hitch a ride with the inter island air traffic. All invasive species can get on inter island shipping very easily. BUT NONE are scrutinized like the super ferry. Why is that?

Hawaii is a chain of islands, what the hell are they thinking? no ferry system? In the words of Mencina, Retarded!

If the Eco nut jobs were really worried about saving the islands they would buy some .22 rifles and go a hunting for mongoose a few thousand people scouring each island for a week or two wold guarantee virtual eradication of that animal. While your at it take care of the ferule cats and dogs too.. Maybe its time you introduce a few natural predators to the invasive species or, maybe load up a few DC-10 sprayers and nuke the whole island with chrysanthemum oil. Wipe out the mosquitoes and all the other creepy crawlies.

Oh yea I forgot another thing, one of the most important, what about the 250+ people who are now without a job? In these times, a job means more than just about anything else, If you have money and dont have to work, well a job is not your top priority, but to those it was a means to make a living and provide for their families. Ever notice that Eco Terrorist are usually the uber wealthy no job having fools?

Well good thing is, Most of the residents of the islands did want the ferry, lots of mom and pop farmers would have loved the use to carry their produce to the other islands. some people might just want to take their own car with the family for a nice ride without having to have TSA do a rectal exam before boarding.
Its these residents which are pushing Hawaii legislature to change the Impact statement laws to be a little more lax on the requirements of needing an environmental impact statement.


  1. It’s sad that such a beautiful place like Hawaii has economic problems! I own a condo there and I’ve seen that many residents complain about the laws.

  2. Now, with the worldwide economic crisis, every state has its problems. Still, Hawaii remains visited by many tourists, due to its attractions. Aloha!

    • This is very true, Hawaii is a tourist attraction. But even that is down quite a bit from last year.


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