Posted by: kandersen | August 24, 2009

Video Downloads

I recently had a fellow blogger which reminisced a movie he was talking about and mentioned that it was available on Google videos. This got me thinking that there are many more places to get movies and videos out there that many people don’t know about.

Most people know about youtube and if you dont well you live under a rock. Youtube is fine and dandy for little video messages but does not lend itself well to full length feature films because of the 10 minute video clip length. Google no longer allows new uploads to their own video service. What was uploaded to is still there and there is quite a few good full length videos there to watch but no new content will be added.

So aside from the clunky 10 minutes per segment video of Youtube there are a few other options. A lot of classical movies like what you would watch on TMC are available at the Internet Archive not only can you look up websites from yesteryear or look up what a website looked like 10 years ago but they have for some time been doing video and audio programs there. There are thousands of videos which are open source and can be watched as well as downloaded so you can then watch them on your computer or burn them to DVD. Also the video quality on most are of a high quality resolution.

You can search up movies by name or by genre or by alphabetical order.  The Internet archive project also has many audio dramas which can be listened to. Growing up I used to listen to the CBS radio mystery theater. A time by gone of when radio was, you can find many of the more popular radio dramas.

But the Internet archive is not the only place to find movies. Some of them not so legit, I say that because I am pretty sure they dont have the licensing to hold or distribute the media which they have. For instance one site I have seen has had some pretty recent video, although low quality handy cam taken in a movie theater someplace in Russia or other country (due to Arabic or Cyrillic subtitles). I can only assume that sites like these must be hosted somewhere beyond the long arm of the US copyright laws because some of these movie sites have been continually running for years now without interruption.  One site in particular is and this is just one of many that I have seen or heard about  on the internet.

The movie industry certainly has to know about these people who are doing these websites and the people who are uploading the videos but is not doing too much in the way of changing it or enforcement. It could be also related to another blog I posed about the piracy paradox where that may be the case of the piracy creates a market for the material.

In my opinion it would certainly make a case for Hollywood to make better movies. If everyone can view the movie, and then decide if its worth going to the movie house to see, that would create an incentive to make worthwhile movies. It is in much the same regard that video rentals can create a justification on if a video is worth purchasing and adding it to your collection.

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