Posted by: kandersen | September 23, 2009

SPAM – Popular Again

Its a sign on the times. As a side note of the current economic situation SPAM , Special Processed American Meat is making a new debut on the American table. Not since WWII have so many people been enjoying the familiar yet somewhat unidentifiable jelly covered mass.

Hormel the company that makes SPAM must be doing well as they are currently running advertiesments to show how “hip” and “exciting” SPAM can be.

Not everyone grew up during WWII when many creative ways to actually eat the meat besides fried or chopped up with potatoes. Hormel has a website which provides a few tasty ways to ham it up with SPAM.

Lest we forget that memorable Monty Python SPAM skit which showed some of the popularity it has in the UK as in my own opinion is about the tastiest thing on any traditional English menu.


  1. I didn’t know that you were such a lover of spam. You must get that from your Dad. I haven’t had spam in years. Maybe it is time for me to revisit the wide range of spam collection.

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