Posted by: kandersen | October 25, 2009

Made In The USA. Greedy American Trash

A simple line which really does not mean a hoot anymore. There once was a time where patriotic or personal pride would steer people to seek out and purchase products which were made in the USA.

Doesnt Mean Anything.

Doesnt Mean Anything.

With over 10% unemployment and more and more people on the edge of loosing their jobs everyday. I can only say one thing. You did it to yourself. See, it turns out that it really wasn’t the gluttony and greed of wall street that caused the economy to tank. But slow protracted death from a million pin pricks of individual greed.

It all boils down to not supporting your fellow countrymen. When you decide to purchase an item, it usually is based on cost. The cheapest product gets your dollars. Not considering that it may not support or encourages growth here in the states.  Im sure a lot of you have heard this before, but refuse to listen. Nobody wants to blame themselves for a bad situation and that is your demon to deal with.

Point is since president Bill Clinton allowed the tariffs to come off of imported products the acceleration of the decline has increased where products are made so cheaply by children that work for 50 cents per day. There is no protection left for anyone’s job in this country.  Its unsustainable and its idiotic to think that when you buy a product made in China that it does anything good for America.

It has gotten to the point now where previously “apple pie” American companies are starting to outsource to Asia for their workforce which used to be here in the states. These are VERY BAD companies and your a straight up idiot for doing business with them. Every time you call XYZ company and end up talking to someone who cant speak English you are encouraging the outsourcing practice which is costing American Jobs.

Its not too late, and it will take some sacrifice on the American consumer to buy a bit less, but buy American. We can turn this around. But not if  we keep stabbing  our neighbors and friends in the back by buying items that are not Made In The USA,  At the very least Assembled In The USA, still provides someone here a JOB.

Do the right thing. If you Buy American, You provide Americans JOBS. you buy Made In China, Taiwan, Mexico etc. You Provide Them Jobs.

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