The Real Poop On Making Money.

Okay so you have all seen the get rich quick books and infomercials selling how to become wealthy and rich with minimal effort etc…

Stop Wasting your money because I am going to tell you how most of these schemes work and I am going to tell you how for FREE yes FREE!!!
You wont owe me a dime.

Here are some of the themes of how to make money.

MLM, or multilevel marketing
Real Estate, No down or for pocket change.
Ebay/Amazon/Online Business
Selling the Information on how to setup said methods or method.

The way you really make the big, I mean the huge dollars is by using the last method. First, create the instructions on how to make the money, and second you need to market your information. Marketing is of course key and can cost a very large sum especially if you make an infomercial and place your offerings on TV. but in the same respect can pay off in spades.

Now on to MLM’s first off, your so unlikely to make any money off an MLM because the only people who make the money on a MLM is at the top. no matter how good it sounds and how much they talk about “critical mass” and set to grow but in fact its likely that by the time you hear about it. your way down at the bottom of the pyramid.

Real Estate is a good thing to get into, but let there be no doubts there are very few deals to be had, especially the touted 1000.00 house’s you may be able to find some houses which will be in the 20-30K range but competition will be harsh and in some cases the house will be sold to “insiders” long before you get a shot at the deal. But, If you manage to buy a few of the bargain houses and turn around and sell or “flip” the house for more money you can make a very nice tidy profit. Try and to do your house research to find the best buys.

Now Ebay and online stores are another creature. Yes there are many people who have made a very good living on Ebay and Amazon. Amazon you can make a good profit with used books if you know where to find them. Same thing goes with selling used books on Ebay. A lot of used books can be found at 2nd hand or thrift stores. But knowing what books are going to sell is the trick. Many people use barcode scanners on their mobile phones to do in store price checks on books they find at thrift stores and yard sales. this way you dont buy a bunch of stuff that wont sell.
You can also find many good used items at these stores as well that will sell on ebay for a tidy profit, the best thing to do is to use, said mobile phone to do a search on ebay to see what those used items are selling for currently. This way you can make an informed decision on the item to see if you can make money on it. Anything less than 10 dollars profit is not likely your best purchase for the day because you will have to sit on the item until it sells.

You see, there really is no secret its mostly common sense and they will sell you not just the core material here but the instructions of how to list an item on Ebay. Which if you read the Ebay site is a no brainier for most folks. There, I saved you a pile of cash and showed you how to make one too.


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